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Aluminum Diamond Plate & Siding

Part #
Aluminum Diamond Plate
Available in 48" width by any length, and can be sheared to any smaller width at no extra charge.

This is the material to redo your front rock guards, bumpers, or anything else with on your RV.
0.025" &
0.040" Thick
Aluminum Siding

General Information:

Please use the Aluminum Siding Order Form from the Downloads Section.

Corrugated R.V. alumin siding is custom fabricated to order. A variety of sizes, patterns, colors and textures are available.

Prices are based upon the square foot and the particaluar corrugation required. Price is computed by rounding the width (height) up to the nearest cut size. Standard cut sizes are: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 36 & 48". Length charges are calculated as per order. When ordering, please state your dimensions as: width(first) x length(last).

Aluminum siding is available in thicknesses of 0.019" & 0.024".

When measuring siding with a seam or bend, start from the roll of the seam or bend and measure to the opposite side. This will be the "finished size" width. Be sure to let us know the type of seam or bend needed (shown below) and they will add that to the finished size to get the "cut size".

Corrugation Patterns

Available Colors and Textures

Order by specifying:
width x length, thickness, seam type, pattern and color
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